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Lake Leelanau Vacation Rentals

Lake Leelanau is the perfect place for your northern Michigan vacation.  Also called Carp Lake, Lake Leelanau is located in Leelanau County, Michigan and comprises two bodies of water – South Lake Leelanau and North Lake Leelanau.  The lake covers about 8,608 acres, has amazing scenery, and offers plenty of fun activities.  While on vacation, consider staying in a Lake Leelanau vacation rental.

Lake Leelanau vacation rentals are readily available.  In the past, they have even become so popular that the local hotel industry is underdeveloped.  Lake Leelanau vacation rentals have numerous advantages including affordability, privacy, community, space, and personalization.

Lake Leelanau vacation rentals offer a number of options to cut down on vacation cost.  Even if you get a cozy lake house rental in Michigan for your family, you can get extra mattresses for the kids to sleep on – something you definitely can’t do in most hotels.  Furthermore, you can cook for yourself in your rental – cutting down on restaurant costs and allowing you to eat exactly what you want.

If you stay in a Lake Leelanau vacation rental, you will be able to achieve the perfect combination of privacy and community.  Depending on what you prefer, you could stay with friends, relatives, or other families to further reduce costs, or keep your Lake Leelanau vacation rental for just your family.  You will be your own boss in your rental and make your own rules – you can even stay in the property naked, if you wish!

Lake Leelanau vacation rentals are more spacious and customizable than hotels.  Most hotel rooms are too small and confined for adequate relaxing, but Lake Leelanau vacation rentals offer plenty of space to relax, unwind, and lounge.  Furthermore, you can choose the design that fits you best.  Lake Leelanau vacation rentals all have different views, décor, and customer service.  

With Lake Leelanau vacation rentals, there’s something for everyone. Browse our wide selection of Lake Leelanau vacation rentals for your upcoming trip to northern Michigan