Traverse City Fall Vacation Rental Activities

Whether you want a cottage deep in the woods, a Victorian home in downtown Traverse city, or a condo on the bay the best place to stay is in a vacation rental in Traverse City. This is because you will have privacy, you get to cook for yourself and to share rooms (which saves you money), and you will have the freedom to do whatever you wish (some vacation rentals in Traverse City even allow pets). 

There are many reasons for the popularity of vacations in Traverse City and the surrounding Northern Michigan areas. If you enjoy wine, there are wineries in Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau and the Old Mission Peninsula that you could tour, and taste a variety of award winning wines while taking in the beautiful landscape.  If you are a fan of fine dining, you are in luck because chefs in the Traverse City area are passionate about their food. Some of the mainstays in a Traverse City menu are wild morel mushrooms, local salmon, perch, apples and peaches, but the area is most famous for its cherries. In fact Traverse City is named the cherry capital of the world. 

Autumn temperatures are mild enough to allow for a wide variety of outdoor activities in the area. There are several outdoor activities that you could engage in this fall on booking a vacation rental Traverse City. You could watch a film at the restored State Theatre, you could tour one of the many lighthouses in the area, you could visit an art gallery, and you could visit a museum. Other options are shopping in the vibrant shopping district downtown and enjoying the atmosphere at the Grand Traverse Commons, which is full of history. 

If you are a music lover, vacation rentals in Traverse City are perfect. You will find live classical, jazz, Indy, and rock music at different spots in the city. The area has 2 casinos if you are into gambling. There are many festivals around the fall that you could participate in. In arts and entertainment, the City Opera House has been beautifully restored and you could visit it for orchestras. 

One of the city's most stunning features is its sandy shoreline. Sleeping Bear Dunes is also a short drive and has been named the most beautiful place in America. This and the towering dunes and the crystal clear lakes make for lovely activities in the beach. One of the main reasons people tour the city is the many freshwater activities they can engage themselves in, among them sailing and fishing. There are many activities made specifically for kids, meaning you should not leave anybody behind during your vacation. 

The biggest attraction in Traverse City in the fall is simply the gorgeous foliage.  Autumn creates an array of beautiful colors on the trees. When the colors reach their peak right around the second week in October people drive from hundreds of miles to come see the gorgeous landscapes. If you want a vacation rental in Traverse City at this time its best to plan ahead. Overall prices for Traverse City vacation rentals are very competitive during fall months.