A Traverse City Michigan Summer Vacation

Perhaps one of the best parts of taking a summer vacation is not the vacation itself but the weeks or even months prior to your trip when you decide where you will go, buy some special clothing or gear, tell all your friends, look at pictures online, begin counting the days till your departure and most importantly imagine all of the fun you will have. Of course the vacation itself may be full of fun, relaxation or adventure but it always goes by so fast. The buildup before your vacation gives you something to daydream about and makes life just a little more exciting from the day you decide to take a trip until you actually get to leave. Imagining your upcoming vacation is also a great way to help you decide where you should go, and what you will want to do while your there. 

Perhaps youre planning a summer vacation to Traverse City, Michigan.  This popular mid-west getaway has been called the Malibu of Michigan and theres so much you could do on your summer vacation that youll want to put some thought into imagining your perfect vacation. Imagine with me for a moment what your perfect Traverse City summer vacation would be like.  Perhaps you would you rent a vacation home on the water or right downtown so that there would be lots of room for your whole family or friends. A Traverse City vacation rental would mean that you have access to a full kitchen too, maybe even a gourmet kitchen.  So you might spend your Saturday mornings down at the farmers market choosing vibrant fruits and vegetables, organic meats, homemade soap, and a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.  Of course if you and your friends are planning on cooking it might be a good idea to pick up some wine, and the best way to do that is to plan a wine tasting tour on Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau so that you can select your favorite wines and have an entertaining day as well.

Now that you have your Traverse City vacation rental stocked full of great food and wine its time to hit the beach.  There are so many options you really cant do it all in one day so you decide to spend one day playing volleyball on West Bay, another renting a ski boat on Torch Lake in Elk Rapids (one of the worlds most beautiful inland lakes) an your third beach day hiking up the hills of Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.  After all of that you will be cleaning sand out of your car for a week, oh wait its a rental so you dont have to worry about it. 

A Traverse City, Michigan dream vacation isnt complete without at least one small town festival and maybe a few.  You might choose a Traverse City vacation rental right near the heart of the festival or you may prefer to make traveling to the festival part of the fun.  Depending on when you arrive at your Traverse City vacation rental you will have the Manitou Music Festival, the Traverse City Cherry Festival, the Traverse City Film Festival, the Leland Wine & Food Festival, Harbor Days and the Cedar Polka Festival all nearby.

If you havent started planning your Northern Michigan dream vacation call Traverse Area Vacation Rentals at 888-844-TAVR or click here to see vacation rentals available in the area, and start having fun imagining all of the great things you will be doing on your summer vacation this year.